Clutch Replacement Service

Rowley auto Coventry is a well established garage and car servicing business, the clutch replacing experts at Rowley auto have secured excellent pricing for the parts, and these are passed on to you our customer. For more details and to book your car in contact with our clutch specialists in Coventry on 0247666 4220



Clutch is the part that connects and disconnects the engine from the gearbox and control the power from the engine to create motion.

Its is very important that it is working properly and checked for wear . Replacing a clutch is an essential part of car maintaince as they get older. It is an involved process in itself which requires skill and experience.A clutch that needs replacing will not allow smooth gear changes if any gear change at all, and a seized clutch will do damage to the engine if used.

The process of replacing the clutch involves removing the gearbox, inspection and measurement of the tolerance level of the flywheel, inspecting the clutch and the bearings. Once this is completed, our technicians can then assess which parts need replacing, and we keep the old parts of the clutch we are replacing for customer inspection.