Tyres are the most important part of any vehicle, both performance and experience of any vehicle is dependent upon its tyres.With Rowley Auto one can find peace of mind as our customers can find best quality of tyres for all make and model of the vehicle. Being a leader in the automobiles market brings a huge leverage to Rowley Auto which is passed over to its customers in the form of best deals on tyres. At Rowley Auto you can buy both new and used tyres of top Quality.

Tyres can wear out over the period of depending on the driving habits. Look for uneven wear down marks, especially on the side walls. If in doubt contact an expert to find if you need to change the tyres.

Road legal limit of worn out tyres is 1.6mm in the UK . Most tyres comes with some kind of marking or raised areas on the tyres. When the worn out rubber of used tyres are at level with the raised areas on the tyres then its time to change it with new tyres. Over using tyres should be avoided as this brings safety of the passengers at risk.

Contact Rowley Auto to check your tyres with Rowleys' in house tyre experts for better understanding of your vehicles performance on and off the roads.

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